Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bitching... It's a Disease

“If you can quit, quit. If you can't quit, stop complaining - this is what you chose.”

-J.A. Konrath

Complaining, bitching, whining, seeking sympathy.... it's all one, huge, contagious disease.

I have fallen under this disease several times, in a day! I think that it is our way of letting out our frustrations, concerns, and anger. But is it really worth expressing to those around us?

Today hits my 1 year anniversary with the construction company here in Whittier, and I am thrilled. Honestly, it hasn't even felt like a whole year at the same place, with the same people, and the same routine. All I could think about this morning while I was getting ready was how my last job (Hollywood Sports) which I was only with for 6-7 months, it felt like a LIFETIME! I won't go into detail about all the things I experienced that were just "not okay", but let's just say that I felt more like a laborer than a team member.

So I began to start thinking about the differences between the two jobs: I have 15 PDO's for the year, they give us all the major holidays off (plus a few other ones), I feel as if I am "just the receptionist" but they feel that I am truly one of the most important positions, the people here are more of a family than just co-workers, AND on top of all of this, the bosses treat you like people... and not just caddle they control on a daily basis.


I blame it on 3 reasons:

(1) "They don't challenge me enough. I am much smarter than they think"
(2) "My days are too boring"
(3) "All I do is answer the phone"

All of these reasons are ridiculous! I need to keep telling myself what everyone around me keeps telling me when I complain... "people would die to have a position like yours!"

So I am going to start taking an interest in something that I should have a few years ago... Spanish. I have ordered a textbook that comes with a workbook, I am so excited and I feel as if it will mean a lot to my fiance and my soon-to-be-official-in-laws.

I can also take this time to read some great books..(if you are reading and have suggestions, leave it in a comment!). I am taking this time I have to write in this blog...sorry it's been a few days! AND I can take this time, if I wanted to, to do schooling online to get my Master's... we'll see though.

This job allows me to truly have 8 hrs. a day to fruther my interests. I am currently looking for a 2nd job as an article writer/editor for 2 different websites; IGN which is a website about all things pop culture (technology, tv, movies, etc.) and MyXboxLive which is a webstite all things video games. I am so excited that one of these two possibilities may happen, and my job ALLOWS for this to be a possibility.

So, bitching is a terrible disease... it's time to stop spreading it and take a look at how much worse it could be.

Remember, even when it's bad...it's still pretty damn good!

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