Friday, January 3, 2014

"Pizza is like Sex"

"Pizza is like sex... when it's good it's reeeaallly good, and when it's bad, it's still pretty good."

This famous quote I learned from my mom popped out at me today while sitting at my front lobby desk, sipping on my first Starbucks of the new year. Seems like a strange quote to think of while on the clock, but soon it will all make sense.

While this morning was not any easier to wake up to, I thought that if I get up and get going I could stop and get a nice hot coffee from Starbucks. Now, this was not my main focus this morning and wasn't even entirely my motivation for waking up; but subconciously my mind knew that it would be just what I needed today. The hair goes up in a quick, messy ponytail... it's casual Friday, so why not? The usual jeans with boots get thrown on... the top, well a light mint green spaghetti strap tanktop I can easily dress up with a cardigan and some bangle bracelets. Look at the clock on my phone and it reads that it is 6:51; so I decided to watch some of the ridiculous "news" on channel 11 while my honey slept away the morning. 7:00 hits and I'm patting his belly letting him know that it's time for me to take off for the day, and the morning ritual continues with him walking me to the door with several kisses in between and then a quick goodbye as I head for my car.

As my heater kicks in, I decide to make a slightly longer trip to a different Starbucks than the one I usually go to because that one has a drive-thru. As my drive continues I get to hear Ryan's Roses on KIISFM, my all time favorite thing to hear on the radio during my drive to work. Women have the cast of KIISFM call their husbands/boyfriends/lovers to see if they are cheating on them... but how do they do that? Simple, they call offering free roses to whomever the man wants to send them to... if it's not to their wife/girlfriend/lover than they are obviously cheating. Let's be honest, they usually are if that's the case... and lucky for them, it's all on the radio for my morning commute.

So anyways, fast forward to the Starbucks incident that caused me to think of this great quote. I order my usual (well, during the holidays) a Venti Peppermint Mocha, extra hot, no whip cream. And today I decided to treat myself to a crumbly, warm, delicious butter croissant. The drive-thru is taking longer than usual, but I realize it's because the person in front of me is a mom with a car FULL of kids; so I just relax and enjoy the sun shining into my car that is breaking through the cold air. I get my coffee and croissant and get to work just on time. As I'm walking, my coffee is spilling slightly out of the top and as I go to lick it off my hand, it tastes rather different and is a much lighter color. I ignore it while I am struggling with newspapers and my purse and my phone... oh, AND the coffee.

As I began to set all my stuff down, I saw that the sticker on the side does not say my usual Venti Peppermint Mocha. Instead it reads "Venti Pike Place". This usually would have sent me off on a sad morning, longing for the drink I had originally wanted. This is the point of the story where I would start getting upset, thinking "I could've had 10 more minutes sleeping" or "I just wasted $5 of my gift card". But instead, I sipped it... sipped it again... and thought "shit, I'll just add some sugar and this will be delicous as well!". I proceed with my morning tasks, and began to truly enjoy this coffee I had never inteded to be drinking at my desk.

Which brings me to the quote I learned very early on from my mom... but instead, I replaced "pizza" with "Starbucks". I need to stop focusing on the good, the bad, and the ugly of every situation and just tell myself that "even when it's bad, it's still pretty damn good".


  1. I am so looking forward to reading your blog regularly!! You are learning this lesson early... trust me, life will be easier once you get the hang of this thought process! :D


    1. Goal is to have something new up every morning :) So happy you are enjoying it so far!!!! It's not an easy thought process to get into, but something HAS to change for me to be happier :)


    2. YUP!!! I am picking up what you are putting down.

      here's my blog!!

  2. YES!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!